Ferdie the Elf's Christmas Calendar season 1 will consist 25 episodes, which of 5 episodes are filmed, and in post production, and 20 episodes will be filmed during winter 2016/2017. All the episodes will be ready by spring 2017.

Season 1

Episode 1 The Runaway Riverboat

Ferdie must catch a riverboat that has fled from the shore. But a surprise waits...

Episode 2 Heating the Sauna

A simple task of heating the sauna gets difficult when a log doesn't fit in. But Ferdie doesn't give up!

Episode 3 The Blueberry Challenge

Ferdie is assigned to go and collect blueberries from a forest. But how to get the heavy full buckets of berries back for the cook elf?

Episode 4 Treshold Quest

There is a mean high treshold in Santa Claus Office, and Ferdie decides to fix the problem...

Episode 5 Tangled to a Bike and Kite

Ferdies friends are trying to fly a kite with no luck. Ferdie has an idea, and knots himself to an adventure.

Episode 6 Baking Gingerbread

Ferdie bakes gingerbreads for the busy elves. But the oven seems to be to small for the baking tray.

Episodes 7 Fixing the Bike

Post Elf has a problem, the wheel of her bike is flat.

Episode 8 Frozen Kicksledge

A bunch of elves are heading for a picnic with kicksledges, but one of those has frozen to ground.

Episode 9 Flippie is Lost!

Flippie has wondered to the woods and doesn't know his way back.

Episode 10 Locked Door Jam

A door hinge needs to be lubricated, door get's locked and the jam is in the session.

Episode 11 On Christmas Tree Lights

The big Christmas tree has got the lights on its branches, but there is no power and light.

Episode 12 Juice for Skiers

A pack of elves are skiing in the wilderness when they run out of berry juice.

Episode 13 Crossing Paths

The crossroad signs get messed.

Episode 14 Giftsack problem

A gift sack needs to be take to a warehouse and Ferdie heads to a mission.

Episode 15 Snow Covered Skating Ring

Snow has covered the skating ring of the elves and more snow keeps coming.

Episode 16 Lost Shoe

Flippie and the other elves are spending a day in the hills with theirs sledges when Flippie loses her shoe.

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