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Ferdie the Elf's Christmas Calendar is produced by EverWhatProductions, a young and talented finnish production company based in Oulu.
Currently in production. Ready for airing in 2017. Distribution rights available: whole world. Also looking for partners.
Santa Claus Office
Santa Claus Office has been open the last 8819 days in a row. Altogether about 8 million people have visited Santa Claus there during that time. Over 2250 media companies, film crews, and TV shows from about every country in the globe have visited the Arctic Circle, including BBC, CNN, Rai, CCTV, Reuters, Globo and Associated Press. The President of China Xi Jinping visited Santa Claus Office in 2010, Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India 2014 and always so lovely Spice Girls in the steamy nineties. Santa Claus Office is truly the real home of the old white beard. Ferdie’s Christmas Calendar is the first TV show to be produced around the stories in Santa’s Office.
Lapland Safaris

The biggest and the most beautiful safari company in Lapland offers a wide spectrum of locations and know how on Arctic. Reindeers, huskies and snowmobiles are on the service of the production, with the help of incredebly talented guides.

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The TV shows FERDIE! and Flippie's Cookbook were aired on Christmas 2017 around the world. Would you like to share the spirit?