Flippie is a tough cookie to crack in the kitchen. She loves to cook, and in her kitchen, a lot of funny and unexpected things can happen – the kitchen can transform into a laboratory or a scene from a western film! Flippie creates wonderful snacks that kids themselves can make at home. Play and imagination play a big part in Flippie’s world, and her creativity offers many various ideas for the whole family to spend time together in the kitchen!


Flippie’s Cookbook is a non-verbal edutainment series filmed in Finnish Lapland.


Flippie’s Cookbook: 15 episodes of 5'30'': https://vimeo.com/album/4833031

Password: Flippie

Apple Race Car Rally

Flippie and Ferdie are making apple race cars. They find themselves in the middle of an epic and fast rally championships. But in order to stay safe the streets of the Elf kitchen need traffic lights.

The Puzzle of a Big Apple Burger

Flippie makes an apple burger for Barnaby Rabbit but it turns out to be way too big for him. Flippie then must calculate her way into smaller dimensions. With the help of advanced mathematics Flippie finds out that a smaller burger indeed is a smaller burger. But what kind of chemistry does it take to shrink a slice of pineapple?

Dancing Banana Elves

Flippie and Sparky make banana elf characters. A ballet performance this spectacular has never been seen on the stages of the Elf kitchen.

Chocolate Reindeer Shepherds

Flippie and Ferdie put together a whole herd of reindeer from sweets. Barnaby Rabbit and Redford Reindeer take part in a gymnastics contest. The elves must build a fence on the kitchen table to keep the wild and sweet reindeer calm.

Chocolatey Sleigh Ride

Flippie and Kitty the Elf put chocolate to use and make a fun little sleigh for small Christmas presents. Old craftsmanship of building a classic Santa’s sleigh gets a sweet turn after another. Redford Reindeer surprises everyone with his performance.

Sweet Wheel of Fortune

A spinning plate inspires Flippie and Ferdie to play wheel of fortune with candy. The two elves start to pile green sweets on top of the plate to form a shape of a beautiful little Christmas tree. This spin will be sweet. Who will be the winner?

Cookie Robots: The Epic Dance Off

Flippie and Kitty the Elf craft a line of cookie robots to participate in a dance battle in the funky streets of the kitchen table. This inspires the Elves to try a robot-dance themselves!

Arctic Cookie Trucks

Flippie makes cookie trucks for the harsh kitchen conditions. On the slippery and thin kitchen table the trucks have to take their cargo to the far end of the table.

Pepe the Dog's Day as a Reindeer

It’s another ruff day in the kitchen when Pepe the Dog is dressed as a reindeer and is modelling for Flippie’s cookie snacks. But will these reindeer cookies fly?

O Cookie Christmas Tree

Flippie and Sparky build a tower of cookies to create a massive sweet Christmas Tree. The ultimate task takes a lot of careful crafting but there is always time for a match of memory game and watching Barnaby Rabbit and Redford Reindeer perform tricks on a stunt track.

Barnaby Rabbit's Moon Landing

3-2-1, Ignite! A space odyssey with the Fruit Rocket goes wrong when Barnaby Rabbit’s landing on moon breaks his spaceship. Brave Redford Reindeer and Flippie build another Fruit Rocket and moonwalk themselves through the space of the kitchen to help Barnaby.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Sandwich Ingredients

Flippie is making sandwiches but something is not quite right: the ingredients keep disappearing mysteriously! Flippie calls Ferdie the Elf for help to solve this spooky crisis.

All Aboard the Vegetable Train!

Flippie is making a vegetable train when suddenly Redford Reindeer disappears and comes back as a sheriff. Will this kitchen be too small for the three of them when Barnaby Rabbit turns out to be a villain? An epic western train robbery takes place in the prairie of the kitchen.

It's Snowing in the Kitchen!

Flippie and Ernie are crafting snowflake decorations for the Christmas tree. Waiting for the paste to dry gives these two a perfect chance to play games and go bananas with their musical skills.

The Pirates of the Arctic Circle

YAARRRR! Flippie, Barnaby Rabbit and Redford Reindeer make little snacks from strawberries when the salty ol’ wind starts to blow. The ship of the Strawberry Elves has to sail to save the shipwrecked and lost sailor on a stormy sea of the kitchen.