Ferdie the Elf lives in the Arctic Circle and works for Santa Claus himself. Ferdie is the right hand of the old white beard, and solves problems for other elves, often not too cleverly, though. However, he is a warm-hearted elf with a nimble mind. Most importantly, he never gives up! Ferdie's extravagant style of handling issues is bound to bring some new troubles - and make the whole family laugh.


FERDIE! is a non-verbal comedy filmed in Finnish Lapland.


FERDIE!; 12 episodes of 5'30'': https://vimeo.com/album/4594995

Password: ELF

A Barefoot Problem

A fun day tobogganing takes an unexpected turn when Flippie the Elf’s shoe goes missing. Ferdie is called for help but will he be able to solve the mystery of the missing shoe?

Whistle While You Walk

The Elves are spending the day in the wilderness when they discover that the juice bottles are empty. Ferdie travels a long way to help his thirsty friends but what happens to the juice on this eventful journey?

Higgledy-Piggledy Paths

The signpost at the crossroads of the Elf Highway is broken. Ferdie is called to fix the signpost but more obstacles occur when the elves lose their way. Together Ferdie and Flippie find a snowy solution to the problem.

Journey of the Gift Bag

Ferdie gets an important assignment from Santa himself: a big gift bag needs to be taken to a warehouse. The journey there, however, is full of unexpected incidents, and once again good ideas are needed. Together Ferdie and Flippie knit their way through the problem.

The Doorstep Problem

A high doorstep causes problems at Santa Claus Office because the Elves keep stumbling over it. Ferdie tries to find a solution by building various gadgets. Finally, the answer is found with the help of Santa Claus himself.

The Bicycle Challenge

Pipsie the Elf has a flat tire and Ferdie hurries for help. But what to do when the usual tricks are not helping? Luckily, together Ferdie and Pipsie figure out a clever way to fix the bike, and the result is exceptional!

Locked Door Jam

While fixing the hinges of a door, Ferdie gets locked up in a room. With some help from his friends, and after eating a good amount of Christmas cookies, he comes up with a clever plan to solve the problem!

Tangled to a Bike and Kite

Ferdie encounters a tricky situation while helping his friends to fly a kite. This time his actions take him to a trip around Lapland. Will he be able to untangle this problem?

The Blueberry Quest

Ferdie heads to the forest to pick blueberries. But what happens when the buckets get too heavy?

Christmas Tree Lights

The lights of the big Christmas tree are out, and Ferdie comes to help. But this particular problem is not an easy fix, so Ferdie takes a long journey through the snowy wilderness to get to the bottom of the problem.

Snow-Covered Skating Rink

The elves’ skating rink is covered with snow, and Ferdie is called for help. Penny the Elf is helping him, as well as Santa Claus, who offers an airy solution to the snowy dilemma.

The Gingerbread Tray

Ferdie is baking gingerbreads and is ready to put the first batch in the oven but something is not right. Ferdie heads to his workshop where it takes a whole lot of work and various gadgets to solve this particular pickle!