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Ferdie the Elf

A Complete Christmas Themed Package for Your Channel

The Package

  • Ferdie! 12x5,30’

  • Flippie’s Cookbook 15x5,30’

  • A library of ready-made Social Media posts & contests

  • A collections of photos and GIFs

  • Ready-made lower third overlay teasers

A possibility to bring visible Christmas elements on any media. News and Sports peeps, we're looking at you...

Ferdie! - The Giftbag Mystery
Ferdie! - Whistle While You Walk
Ferdie! - Locked Door Jam
Ferdie! - The Blueberry Quest
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Santa's little helper Ferdie solves problems for other elves in a very elfy way. 12 x 5,30’

Flippie - Strawberry-Elves
Flippie - Snowflakes
Flippie - Vegetable-Train
Flippie - Sandwiches
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Flippie the Elf makes simple and Christmassy snacks with her friends. 15 x 5,30

Social Media Content
  • +300 GIFs

  • Photos

  • Extra videos

  • Trailers

  • Ready-made posts and contests

In the last 6 months we've had over 90 million GIF views!

Overlay Teasers
  • Easy to Brand

  • +200 variations

  • Overlay teasers generate a new Commercial slot while offering a Christmas countdown to any show.


CEO / Antti Kaarlela


CCO / Antti Kairakari 


Let's make this Christmas special with the Elves

Contact us to find the best package for your needs.


The TV shows FERDIE! and Flippie's Cookbook were aired on Christmas 2017 around the world. Would you like to share the spirit?