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Ferdie the Elf

A Complete Christmas Themed Package for Your Channel

The Package

  • Ferdie! 12x5,30’

  • Flippie’s Cookbook 15x5,30’

  • A library of ready-made Social Media posts & contests

  • A collections of photos and GIFs

  • Ready-made lower third overlay teasers

A possibility to bring visible Christmas elements on any media. News and Sports peeps, we're looking at you...

Santa's little helper Ferdie solves problems for other elves in a very elfy way. 12 x 5,30’

Flippie the Elf makes simple and Christmassy snacks with her friends. 15 x 5,30

Social Media Content
  • +300 GIFs

  • Photos

  • Extra videos

  • Trailers

  • Ready-made posts and contests

In the last 6 months we've had over 90 million GIF views!

Overlay Teasers
  • Easy to Brand

  • +200 variations

  • Overlay teasers generate a new Commercial slot while offering a Christmas countdown to any show.


CEO / Antti Kaarlela


CCO / Antti Kairakari