Ferdie the Elf lives in the Arctic Circle and works for Santa Claus himself. Ferdie is the right hand of the old white beard and solves problems for other elves, often not too cleverly though. However, he is a warm-hearted elf with a nimble mind. Most importantly, he never gives up! Ferdie's extravagant style of handling issues is bound to bring some new troubles - and make the whole family laugh.


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Ferdie the Elf

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Flippie's Cookbook

Flippie is a tough cookie to crack in the kitchen. She's been trained by nobody else but the one and only Mrs. Santa Claus. Flippie loves to cook, and in her kitchen, a lot of funny and unexpected things can happen – the kitchen can transform into a laboratory or a scene from a western film! Flippie creates wonderful snacks that kids themselves can make at home. Play and imagination play a big part in Flippie’s world, and her creativity offers many various ideas for the whole family to spend time together in the kitchen!

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